I'm launching a Second Opinion "authors" program

Friends, I have edited a lot of columns in my life. And I will tell you my biggest pet peeve: They are very often just recaps of a topic, which an AI Chatbot could have written because they lack personality. But very occasionally, I’ll read a very opinionated, straight talking piece about a corner on the industry I had no idea existed, and be extremely bought into the author’s argument.

I’ve held the stance from the beginning that I won’t take contributed pieces to Second Opinion, only co-authored pieces. The reason behind that is it does take a look of work to edit bylines, and too often the author didn’t write it but is taking credit regardless.

I’ve changed my mind.

Starting now, I’m looking for 6 guest authors for Second Opinion who will own the following topics (listed below).

My ask for you is one piece per quarter, which we’ll publish here, to the Second Opinion audience of 20,000 subscribers and growing. I’m looking for quality over quantity, and strong, authentic arguments over promotional pieces about a company or sector. The major reason I’m opening this up is because I would love to give more spotlight to people who are doing the real work behind-the-scenes, and not just the industry’s best talkers. So I’m also looking for pieces that provide a window into how a certain process works, or practical insights into how to move a business forward or overcome a specific problem.

I also recognize that it’s harder than ever to find outlets for great guest written pieces, particularly within mainstream media. These viewpoints are important and they do deserve an audience.

These are the first 6 areas of focus:

— Revenue cycle management and payments

— Pharmacy

— Behavioral health

— Venture and investing

— AI & machine learning

— Women’s health

If you’d like to be a regular author on one of these topics, please reach out to me directly and personally. If you have any links to share to published works that really shows off your tone and style, please share those. I will be selecting one per theme only and we’ll work collaboratively to approve topics together.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to hearing from you. My email is [email protected].